Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ne_Dva ( A + T, "Nothing in Particular. Vol_No"

        As a rule, luggage at an airport or train station is transported on a small cart. In this case, instead of suitcases and bags a dog was standing on the cart.
 What was the dog doing there, in the heart of the city, where there were neither rails nor longerons, neither trains nor planes, neither porters nor passengers ... without dualism?
 The stream of people and in this current - a platform with the dog.

       In the eyes of "man's best friend" one could not notice a passive doom of hand luggage. The dog’s paws were solid. Its posture looked as if it was a captain on the board. It was sure of the waves, the tailwind, the friendly breeze. In the hound’s eyes you could see READINESS to sail farther and to perceive.

       It happened very quickly ... without thinking, I turned on my mobile phone camera and the "voyage" took only a little time ... running further seemed to be a bit unnatural. I stopped and gave the opportunity the "ship" to swim away towards the land of invisibility ... Giving a chance to invariant development ... and the freedom of possibility.

      At home I tried to review the film in a more detailed way. A more conscious attempt to see what was happening. To observe the observer. Without any editing, corrections, and special processing of what was going on there. Without making shows!

     "Navigation" flowed from one screen to another and turned out to be on the second one…
 We saw that windows and passers-by ... the assemblage points and the points of view were gathering into the pixels ... new ledges appeared on the pixels, the crystals and the stairs that were integrating in their growth... dissolving into light trees of universe inflation... and all this "sea" of relatives was READY now to become something NEW... something more significant