Monday, 14 January 2013

Ne_Dva ( A + T, "Nothing in particular. Loop EXITs too"

        The Light divides into layers.
It looks like a rectangular pool. Without water. Bottomless.

        Black squares: A groom's hat on horseback, Mingtang's burnt grass, a hatch in the engine room of the steamship, the Jewish Ghetto on the map of Lemberg, 1941…

        There used to be the sea along time ago. Then other waves came.

        Neighbours can remember neither the sea nor the Ghetto.
The snow had been falling for many years.

        In that yard, similar to the football goal, there are plenty of dwellers:
a deer (gouache + acrylic) and old calendars, a portrait reproduction of Karl Marx in a heavy frame and ship's flags, patterns of carpets and propaganda posters on electrical engineering economy, frozen singers' faces, athletes, politicians and other ritual animals.

        We all have equal rights. None of them is sorted out to a separate caste. None of them is worse nor better than the other…

        And flowers. In the air. Numerous flower stands.
On a website for alternative tourists it has been written for some purpose about that place: "Yard-Museum of the USSR"…
Another attempt to bundle a natural phenomenon and the living into a box... into the square…

        Yes, it is OF GREAT IMPORTANCE to remember.
But it is IMPORTANT not to get stuck in the painful points of the memory. One can not notice when the identification number tattooed on the arm appears... and a stock car with comfiness transports (endlessly long) towards a new deciphered concentration camp. As yet the mental one...

        At some point, all the four corners are being smoothed to the circle.

        The patient Earth becomes the sky and Light again.