Monday, 14 January 2013

Ne_Dva ( A + T, "Nothing in particular. AVE!"

        Usually, (during digging) the attention is paid to the ground. People are interested in the emergence, removal or redirection of certain objects. The spade itself - as an intermediate part of an action becomes unnoticed. Anyone who carries the spade towards a pit, trench, grave or an orchard usually observes some blisters on hands or just a metal object that struck the blade, but not the spade. Its Presence (continually) escapes our attention…

       What does the mediator of processes think about the ongoing? What relation does the spade bear to him? Does it have freedom of choice and opportunity to start a family or going on holidays? Does it dream about merging with the horizon line? Once caught in the position of Seed \ Embryo \ Cosmonaut in the darkness, in the initial launch point, in the soil, would the observer like to move from one position to another, from the horizontal to the vertical world? Is the spade going to become a tree and on its branches may not only work tool grow...? Perhaps in future, there will be birds and talking animals, merry floating and swings for children. By all means, the swings!